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MBA Master Class : Leadership across cultures

Marseille à partir de 09:00 jusqu'à 18:00

Vivez l'expérience MBA pendant une journée en auditant une Master Class avec les participants actuels du Global Executive MBA de KEDGE, enseignée par Dr. Markus Alsleben.

Une occasion unique pour en apprendre davantage sur l'organisation du programme et ce qu'il implique, et de vous offrir la possibilité d'échanger avec les participants actuels et l'équipe pédagogique.

The Master Class: Leadership across cultures

Courses and Purposes

There is a long on-going debate on whether: Leaders are born OR leaders are made, Leadership is situational OR some people are leaders whatever the situation, Leadership is culturally sensitive OR leadership goes across cultures, Leadership is ONLY at the top of the organization OR leadership is found THROUGHOUT the organization.

This course aims to explore all sides of the leadership literature, yet we believe that the statements in BOLD correspond to what we observe in global leadership at the moment. Participants will become familiar with the main topics and points of view on leadership then decide which are closest to their particular experience and finally be given a framework to think about their global leadership development path.
This course aims also to bring together Leadership and the Multicultural dimension in very practical, typical business situations.

About Dr. Markus Alsleben

German by birth, he has lived in the Germany, UK, China, Hong Kong and now in Italy. He successfully managed large global teams across various cultures in senior executive positions in professional services and high tech. He worked as Vice President North Asia for SAP building successful cross-cultural consulting teams for the booming north Asian region and later supported the growth of SAP Labs China, one of SAPs largest R&D centres. He founded several companies across the globe focused on leadership development, innovation, cross cultural and agile management.. He studied in Hanover, Germany, Birmingham, U.K. and Hong Kong and holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from City University of Hong Kong and a Diploma in Economics from Hanover University Germany.

Clients include: AIRBUS, BASF, Gemalto, Kering.

Teaching engagements at Aalto University, ESSEC Business School, Indian Institute of Management, Mannheim Business School, University of Twente.

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