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MBA Master Class : Marketing Management

Paris Evénement terminé

Vivez l'expérience MBA pendant une journée en auditant une Master Class avec les participants actuels du Global Executive MBA de KEDGE enseignée par Hervé Remaud et Michel Gutsatz.

Une occasion unique pour en apprendre davantage sur l'organisation du programme et ce qu'il implique, et de vous offrir la possibilité d'échanger avec les participants actuels et l'équipe pédagogique.


Courses and purposes:

The overall objective of this course is to introduce participants to the concepts, analyses, and activities that comprise marketing management and to provide practice in understanding, assessing and solving marketing problems in real life situations

Basic knowledge of the key marketing tools, models and frameworks for the analysis and understanding of marketing activities. Provide the ability to apply such models and techniques. Enable understanding of customer focus for brands and organizations. Enable understanding of the key elements of the marketing mix and be able to design a marketing program developing these elements. Enable participants to demonstrate critical thinking by analysing marketing problems, applying proper logic and formulating valid conclusions based on their analysis.

About Hervé REMAUD & Michel GUTSATZ

Hervé Remaud:

Hervé REMAUD is a Senior Professor of Marketing at Kedge Business School and the Director of KEDGE Global Executive MBA. He is an Adjunct Senior Researcher of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science - University of South Australia, where he worked for 5 years (2005 to 2009), before being recruited by KEDGE Business School in 2010 to head the Wine and Spirits MBA (offered by KEDGE Business School from 2001 to 2015).

He has been working with wine (and seafood) industry entrepreneurs and senior executives for over 10 years, both in France and Australia. He holds a PhD in Agricultural and Agrofood Management from the National School for Agronomic Engineers in Montpellier (France). His research areas mainly relate to the wine industry, focusing on the interface between consumers' behaviour and wine firms marketing strategies. He has published several articles in international journals and books. In 2011, he was the head of the committee organising the 6th International Conference of the Academy of Wine Business Research in Bordeaux at KEDGE Business School.

Michel Gutsatz:

Michel Gutsatz is Senior Professor of Marketing at Kedge BS and Director of MBAs and DBA. He currently is Adjunct Professor of Marketing at CEIBS (Shanghai). He is a leading expert in luxury and prestige brand management and the author of numerous books and articles on luxury. He is a consultant for investment funds, luxury brands, mass brands and retailers. Prior to that Michel was Managing Director of an Image Strategy Agency and HR and Internal Communication Director of the Bally Group in Switzerland. Michel also created and developed the MBA in International Luxury Brand Management at ESSEC. He holds an Engineering degree from Ecole des Mines de Nancy and a PhD in Economics.

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